Friday, 12 March 2010

Time is of the essence

With the evenings drawing out and light waiting for us at the end of the working day, it suddenly feels like there is a lot more time to play with. With the clocks springing forward later in the month, the opportunities to put this time to good use seem endless.

There’s the garden and allotments that can be tended, the run in the evening light around the park and the much needed post-work drink in the beer garden. But one of the most valuable uses of our time is to donate it to someone else.

Rather than giving money, or old clothes or unwanted toys and books, the most valuable commodity we can donate to the plethora of deserving causes is our time – and it doesn’t need to feel like a chore. Why not match your passions, interests and skills with a volunteering opportunity to suit?

One organisation that can assist you in achieving this is TimeBank – - a national charity that connects people with voluntary opportunities that fit with your interests and suit your lifestyle. So whilst it’s an opportunity to get involved and support local well deserving projects it’s also a chance to do something you enjoy and perhaps develop skills that have laid dormant for a while – sounds like a good use of time.

Beyond the individual this also offers a great opportunity to business to give back to their local community. Harnessing the skills within the business and giving employees the opportunity to get involved in something beyond their core working responsibilities, not only motivates staff but also reflects well on the brand.

At the same time why not review how your organisation promotes itself and if you use promotional gifts, ask what they really say about you as a brand. If the answer is ‘not much’, take a look at our charity products - - to see how we can help you say more about your brand.
Time is of the essence – make the most of it.