Friday, 30 July 2010

The Legacy Business

Many of the business and brand owners we talk to share the drive to leave a healthy and prosperous organisation behind them when the time comes to pass their baby on - a ‘brand’ that delivers on its promises with integrity and purpose. This will be their legacy.

With the World Cup in South Africa now a distant memory, it’s a good time to revisit their promised pre-event legacy commitments. The doom-mongers predicted a World Cup dominated by crime and unfinished stadiums – what we witnessed was a country that embraced the tournament with infectious enthusiasm and a spectacle to make Africa proud and strengthen any potential bid for the 2020 Olympics.

One definition of a legacy might be ‘the memory of what we leave behind after we’ve left the stage’ and whilst no one underestimates the ongoing challenges facing South Africa, the greatest legacy after the tournament is not an improved transport infrastructure nor several outstanding stadiums, but the memory of a nation coming together to host a World Cup (vuvuzelas included!) that changed global perceptions of both country and continent.

As Danny Jordaan, the tournament chief exec asserted, ‘the doubters are the believers today’. The ‘Greatest Show on Earth’ comes to London in 2012 (2 years this week) and it’s paramount that our great nation delivers on the event and the ‘afters’ to match. After all, legacies are a pre-requisite of global events as much as for well-intentioned business.

Many UK based organisations will be supporting London to deliver on its promises and we should all consider the kind of legacy that the business we own or work for leaves after us. Re-Sourceful can help you to purchase and promote in a better, more ethical manner and that is a crucial part of any businesses legacy.

Thursday, 1 July 2010

More for Less

Q: What do the recession, the price of oil, the Queen’s Speech, the government’s new budget and English football all have in common?
A: They’ve all been good news masquerading as disasters.

Wherever you look, it seems the message is now the same: we urgently need to achieve more with less. Actually, despite what many politicians and pundits tell us, this is not a cause for doom and gloom at all. In fact it is a supremely worthwhile message at this critical time.

We need to achieve more with less because we have been wasting just about everything: not just money and fossil fuel but also time, human creativity, trust, opportunity and freedom. Our profligacy with all these resources has not only been damaging to our environment, it has also crippled our relationships and emptied our bank accounts. Finally, it has made us all begin to eye each other as competitively as the last survivors in a lost lifeboat.

OK, here’s the shocker: doing more with less is not an austerity agenda; it is, in fact, an agenda for abundance.

Wasting less money, energy, stuff, time, trust, space and creativity means competing less for dwindling resources. This is being re-sourceful. When we are more re-sourceful, we enjoy more freedom. We get more for less – more of what we really want: productivity, reciprocity, time, enjoyment, kudos, trust and happiness.

If you think this is overambitious or that it simply can’t be done, call Re-Sourceful and we’ll show you how.

The Bath Prize

The Bath Prize is a unique annual painting competition designed to stimulate new work, recognise and reward the best, and display it in the City that inspired it.

This year Re-Sourceful is sponsoring a new category, ‘Reclaimed, Recycled & Environmentally Aware’.

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