Friday, 19 November 2010

Exhibit with Care

Exhibitions are great ways to promote your brand, product or service - but they can also undermine your message if you don’t do it properly. By properly, we mean in an exciting and sustainable way.

For every tonne of waste that is produced at an exhibition, about 70% is made from materials which cannot be re-used or recycled and 20% of the waste produced is simply due to lack of proper planning about the amount of resources required.

Exhibitions need not be a heavy contributor to the local landfill site – here are some ways to enhance your event rather than hinder you message.

The stand – these needn’t be monoliths of plastic and steel, they can easily be constructed from recycled, recyclable and reusable materials.

- Cardboard engineering is so advanced now that the entire shell scheme can be constructed from this material, safe in the knowledge that this can be completely recycled after use, or easily deconstructed for future use

- If you’re using wood then use reclaimed or sustainable stocks

- Carpet tiles are better that rolls because they’re easier to recycle

- If you’re offering food why not use utensils made from corn starch

- You can also save energy and pounds with power saving spot lights

Marketing collateral – whilst you are bound to be giving something away to the prospective customer – brochures, samples, plastic pens – it doesn’t need to be junk. Make your giveaways say more about you – make them relevant and make them sustainable.

Exhibitions are about standing out, so make your marketing, your message and your promotional tools outstanding. We design and create marketing material and promotional products that grab people’s attention without compromising your values.

For example:

- Bags made from organic cotton, old t-shirts and even old advertising banners

- USBs made from recycled plastic and aluminum or actual twigs collected from sustainable forest floors

- Lanyards made from plant silk, bamboo fibre or old plastic bottles

Keen on Green

Re-Sourceful is exhibiting at Keen on Green, on Thursday 25th November at the Paintworks in Bristol. Keen on Green is all about how to exhibit in a better, more sustainable way and is showcasing a number of South West based environmentally focused suppliers.

For more info or to pop along, please drop Nick an email

p.s. If you haven’t yet sorted your fun, funky and ethical Christmas gifts for clients and employees, Re-Sourceful can help. There is still time to get your fairtrade hampers, recycled CD decorations and Reindeer Poo Christmas Trees

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Waste Not, Want Not

It’s that time of year again, the nights are drawing in and before you know it you’ll be digging out your winter jumpers and bracing yourself for the cold. But it doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom - the season’s still abundant and fruitful.

Natural, sustainable foods: apples, blackberries, nettles, rowan berries, chequer berries, haw berries, sloes, chestnuts, walnuts and of course, mushrooms are all at their best at this time of year. With a little elbow grease and imagination, they can be transformed into fine delicacies and mouth-watering morsels. There are now plenty of resources to offer advice about natural food and foraging. The Channel 4 website is a good start and has some useful links.

It’s not just hedgerow foraging that’s become increasingly popular, ‘Freeganism’ encourages its followers to find free food - be it produced, naturally sourced or deemed past its best by supermarkets and restaurants. The BBC’s very entertaining ‘Great British Waste Menu’ really highlights the issue. In Britain we throw away 3.3 million tonnes of food every year, most of which could have been eaten. The website has some great tips and recipe ideas about reusing leftovers and creating less waste.

It’s not just physical resources that get wasted. In the workplace we don’t always make the most of our human ones either. We’d love to help you to dig a little deeper to get more out of the natural resources around you. It’s amazing what you find when you take a little time to look a bit further afield.

Waste is very much on our minds this October as we work closely with a major telecommunications company to transform their unwanted stationery and promotional products into fully Re-sourced ones. It’s part of an internal campaign designed to encourage their own staff and customers to think again about waste. If you’d like to know more about what we’re doing to help them or have items waiting to be ‘recycled and renewed’, get in touch - we’d love to talk to you about our ideas.

Friday, 20 August 2010

Staycation – it’s the place to be

It’s summer holiday season - time to escape the daily commute and consider what holiday destination is going to revive body and soul. The charge for the airport and a sun-packed beach holiday somewhere in Europe is on the decline, with the merits of staying in the UK and exploring more of what’s to offer on our shores being discovered.

Poor exchange rates, airlines strikes, collapsing holiday package firms and the fragile economy have all contributed to 2010 being the year of the Staycation. And with the options at home getting better every year, the only thing that can’t be relied upon is some sunshine.

We all know that flying isn’t great for our environment and although we can offset our air miles, we could just avoid them all together. And taking the environmental benefits of staycations one step further are the numerous Eco Getaways now on offer across the British Isles.

From glamping in Powys to a romantic stay in a yurt in Cornwall to a forest log cabin retreat in Argyll to a family Centre Parcs holiday – check out the Green Tourism Business Scheme for a host of ideas on places to stay and visit that are eco focused. And while you’re there why not check out the National Trust website for loads of ideas on where to explore and enjoy.

Everyone deserves a holiday and a respite from the daily chores and exploring our home with a different hat on, offers a fulfilling and varied alternative to the traditional European beach break. And who knows, you might just feel more refreshed avoiding the joys of the airport!

Back at work refreshed and revitalised, give Re-Sourceful a call and we can help refresh your summer promotions in an eco friendly way. We have all manner of ethical promotional ideas and gifs – from biodegradable flying discs and organic cotton beach bags to recycled umbrellas, just in case!

Enjoy the summer!

Friday, 30 July 2010

The Legacy Business

Many of the business and brand owners we talk to share the drive to leave a healthy and prosperous organisation behind them when the time comes to pass their baby on - a ‘brand’ that delivers on its promises with integrity and purpose. This will be their legacy.

With the World Cup in South Africa now a distant memory, it’s a good time to revisit their promised pre-event legacy commitments. The doom-mongers predicted a World Cup dominated by crime and unfinished stadiums – what we witnessed was a country that embraced the tournament with infectious enthusiasm and a spectacle to make Africa proud and strengthen any potential bid for the 2020 Olympics.

One definition of a legacy might be ‘the memory of what we leave behind after we’ve left the stage’ and whilst no one underestimates the ongoing challenges facing South Africa, the greatest legacy after the tournament is not an improved transport infrastructure nor several outstanding stadiums, but the memory of a nation coming together to host a World Cup (vuvuzelas included!) that changed global perceptions of both country and continent.

As Danny Jordaan, the tournament chief exec asserted, ‘the doubters are the believers today’. The ‘Greatest Show on Earth’ comes to London in 2012 (2 years this week) and it’s paramount that our great nation delivers on the event and the ‘afters’ to match. After all, legacies are a pre-requisite of global events as much as for well-intentioned business.

Many UK based organisations will be supporting London to deliver on its promises and we should all consider the kind of legacy that the business we own or work for leaves after us. Re-Sourceful can help you to purchase and promote in a better, more ethical manner and that is a crucial part of any businesses legacy.

Thursday, 1 July 2010

More for Less

Q: What do the recession, the price of oil, the Queen’s Speech, the government’s new budget and English football all have in common?
A: They’ve all been good news masquerading as disasters.

Wherever you look, it seems the message is now the same: we urgently need to achieve more with less. Actually, despite what many politicians and pundits tell us, this is not a cause for doom and gloom at all. In fact it is a supremely worthwhile message at this critical time.

We need to achieve more with less because we have been wasting just about everything: not just money and fossil fuel but also time, human creativity, trust, opportunity and freedom. Our profligacy with all these resources has not only been damaging to our environment, it has also crippled our relationships and emptied our bank accounts. Finally, it has made us all begin to eye each other as competitively as the last survivors in a lost lifeboat.

OK, here’s the shocker: doing more with less is not an austerity agenda; it is, in fact, an agenda for abundance.

Wasting less money, energy, stuff, time, trust, space and creativity means competing less for dwindling resources. This is being re-sourceful. When we are more re-sourceful, we enjoy more freedom. We get more for less – more of what we really want: productivity, reciprocity, time, enjoyment, kudos, trust and happiness.

If you think this is overambitious or that it simply can’t be done, call Re-Sourceful and we’ll show you how.

The Bath Prize

The Bath Prize is a unique annual painting competition designed to stimulate new work, recognise and reward the best, and display it in the City that inspired it.

This year Re-Sourceful is sponsoring a new category, ‘Reclaimed, Recycled & Environmentally Aware’.

To find out more visit

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Time To Think

You may have been one of the lucky ones who recently got their hands on ‘National Trust: The Album’. The album, created by former Pulp front man Jarvis Cocker, is a mix of British natural sounds, such as birdsong and crashing waves recorded at a range of National Trust locations.

The idea came about after some research carried out by the National Trust highlighted the everyday distractions of our modern technology driven lives, and how we as a nation struggle to concentrate for prolonged periods with the constant interruptions of mobile phones or email alerts! We seem to think better with the sound of birdsong or the sea in our ears.

The National Trust approached Re-Sourceful for some help to bring this project to life. Clearly we were delighted to be involved on the design of the CD, the sleeve and it’s production.

Considering the nature of the album and Jarvis Cocker’s involvement, Re-Sourceful created a vibrant album cover that reflected a quirkier National Trust than many of us are used to. This design approach fed on to the CD itself and of course we produced the sleeve from FSC certified stock.

The album has been incredibly well received with over 7000 downloads from the National Trust website. As Jarvis Cocker comments. “I hope this album is a "Holiday for the Ears". It's not really meant to be listened to intently, like a piece of music, but more as something to have on in the background to aid relaxation or contemplation.”

If you weren’t lucky enough to lay your hands on one of the albums, don’t fret you can still download it from

Re-Sourceful thoroughly enjoyed helping the National Trust bring this project to life and aiding the relaxation of the nation! We don’t just develop and source cool eco products - we are creative thinkers and designers too! Get in touch if you have anything you’d like our help with.

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Be The Change

With the election just around the corner we thought that we would promote positive change (don’t worry we’re not going to get all party political).

We’ve got 20 copies of ‘Be The Change’ to give away to Re-View readers. The book is a collection of interviews with some of the world’s most inspiring social entrepreneurs, environmentalists and policy creators - we’ll even get, author, Trenna Cormack to write a personal message inside each copy.

Here’s a couple of snippets to whet your whistle:

‘On 7th July 2005, Gill Hicks was a passenger on the London Underground, when a suicide bomber blew up her carriage. She lost both legs…..After the bombing, she left her high-flying career at the Design Council, and is now an ambassador for the charity Peace Direct.’

‘You can make a lot of speeches, but the real thing is when you dig a hole, plant a tree, give it water, and make it survive. That’s what makes the difference’. Wangari Maathai

All you have to do get a copy is to look around your workplace and come up with an idea that would change it for the better, ‘Turn Me Off’ stickers on all your plugs, for example.

Post your ideas to our blog and the best 20 will be contacted.

Friday, 12 March 2010

Time is of the essence

With the evenings drawing out and light waiting for us at the end of the working day, it suddenly feels like there is a lot more time to play with. With the clocks springing forward later in the month, the opportunities to put this time to good use seem endless.

There’s the garden and allotments that can be tended, the run in the evening light around the park and the much needed post-work drink in the beer garden. But one of the most valuable uses of our time is to donate it to someone else.

Rather than giving money, or old clothes or unwanted toys and books, the most valuable commodity we can donate to the plethora of deserving causes is our time – and it doesn’t need to feel like a chore. Why not match your passions, interests and skills with a volunteering opportunity to suit?

One organisation that can assist you in achieving this is TimeBank – - a national charity that connects people with voluntary opportunities that fit with your interests and suit your lifestyle. So whilst it’s an opportunity to get involved and support local well deserving projects it’s also a chance to do something you enjoy and perhaps develop skills that have laid dormant for a while – sounds like a good use of time.

Beyond the individual this also offers a great opportunity to business to give back to their local community. Harnessing the skills within the business and giving employees the opportunity to get involved in something beyond their core working responsibilities, not only motivates staff but also reflects well on the brand.

At the same time why not review how your organisation promotes itself and if you use promotional gifts, ask what they really say about you as a brand. If the answer is ‘not much’, take a look at our charity products - - to see how we can help you say more about your brand.
Time is of the essence – make the most of it.

Friday, 26 February 2010

Flying the Flag

Continuing with our theme of love for February, we’d like to share some of the brands that light up our day and confirm our belief that you can place ethics at the core of your business without hampering your success and if done properly, enhancing it.

Triodos Bank – a bank that only invests in ethical and sustainable organisations that have a positive impact on people and the planet. And they’ll tell you exactly whom they are lending to. With confidence and trust in our banking system at an all time low it’s nice to know that there are organisations within this sector with an ethical mission that gives our money the chance to do some good rather than just paying some rather debateable bonuses!

Phillips - as a world leader in healthcare, lifestyle and lighting, Philips links its sustainability and ethics programs with the company’s core strategy. Even more importantly, Philips grades its success by measurable results - by 2012, Philips aims to generate 30 percent of total revenue off Green Products, further increase energy efficiency of the company by 25 percent and double the company’s investment in Green Innovations.

Wholefoods – since launching in the 80’s they have become the world’s leader in natural and organic foods by staying true to their original commitments of seeking out the finest natural and organic foods available and supporting sustainable agriculture. Through their Whole Planet Foundation they aim to alleviate poverty by empowering a community of micro entrepreneurs.

Google – they may slowly be taking over the world but they are doing so without compromising their ethics and through - the company’s philanthropic arm, which uses the power of information and technology to address some of the world’s most challenging problems: Climate change, poverty, disasters and disease - they have committed over $75 million in investments and grants in various projects around the world.

GreenKnickers – these guys confirm you don’t need to be big to be successful and ethical. Their materials are certified and sustainable, they use recycled packaging materials and they make you think when you get dressed in the morning - GreenKnickers prove that ethical products can still be fun, beautiful and sexy!

These are a few of the brands that we love, who else should we be shouting about?

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

What Eco Products Do You Love?

As February is the month of love we thought we’d share some of the eco and ethical products that we love here at Re-Sourceful.

1. Green Knickers – as it’s Valentines, what better eco product than pants that are 100% recycled, 100% local and even have an organic cotton gusset!
2. Green Flower Pen – once the ink runs out, plant the biodegradable pen and a plant will grow. With every pen bought, we will give a donation to Tree Aid.
3. Elephant Poo Paper Roses – 12 odourless paper roses that will last longer than your normal Valentines flowers.
4. Banner bags – re-using old advertising hoardings and producing unique and stylish courier bags. You can even use your old hoardings left over from an event that were destined for landfill and turn them into something desirable.
5. Vinyl Record Bowl – retro bowls made from 12” vinyl records. Each bowl still carries the original label and looks pretty cool.
6. Green Bannerstand – exhibitions needn’t produce a whole host of waste. One way to cut down on the waste that you make is to use Eco Bannerstands that are recycled to begin with and 100% recyclable at the end of their use - and you can print all over them.
7. Eco USB Wristband – colourful and 100% recycled wristbands that provide the perfect place to store documents when on the move.
8. Hot Water Bottle Bag – reclaimed and unique, these bags will keep you warm on these cold February nights!
9. Circuit Board Business Card Holder – it’s cool, it’s stylish and re-uses materials that had nowhere else to go. What more could you want?
10. Fire Hose Belts – when fire hoses reach the end of the road for their primary purpose they used to go to landfill. Now though, they can be transformed into numerous cool accessories like this belt.

The world is full of great green products, and with business and promotional gifts the eco and ethical options available are growing all the time. At Re-Sourceful, we are always on the lookout for new and interesting green products to add to our range. Take a look at our site and see how we can help you communicate in a more resourceful way.

Please tell us about the eco products that you love – February is about all types of love after all.

Friday, 22 January 2010

Resolutions – are yours still going?

With February drawing near, for many those well-intentioned New Year resolutions are already distant memories. Whether it was to get in shape, cut down on chocolate or read more books, the majority of us will be struggling to keep up with our optimistic aims for 2010.

Resolutions should not just be for personal improvement however; they should also consider ways in which to improve our businesses. This applies to the business owner as well as all of the company stakeholders - and 2010’s business resolutions should be eco inspired. Here at Re-Sourceful, we have a number of ambitions for the New Year and our no.1 goal is to help more businesses promote themselves in the correct way – which is relevant, ethical and eco aware.

Here are a few suggestions that your company could resolve to achieve in 2010 to get your business greener:
1. Get an audit – review your company’s energy use, wastage, recycling and look at the alternatives. Simple, eco and cost-effective measures can be introduced for most business operations making your business a more sustainable one.
2. Look at your suppliers – do they employ ethical and eco practices in supplying their products and services? If not, switch to someone who does.
3. Do your desk research – when considering your suppliers remember your basic stationery. Pens, usb’s, staplers, rubbers, notepads, mousemats – they can all be green.
4. Encourage employee participation – any green resolution has a greater chance of succeeding if your employees buy into it. Or better still; suggest it in the first place. Encouraging your employees to suggest the eco aims of the organisation and then making these part of your sustainability plan, proves you mean business.
5. Company travel schemes – incentivise employees to get out of their car and find an alternative way to work one day a week. 1 in every 2 of us drives to work each and every day. If we all left our cars at home for just one day a week and used public transport, rode our bike or walked instead we would have cleaner air to breathe, less traffic, and a smaller carbon footprint to boot.

So if your struggling to maintain your personal resolutions why not focus on your business ones? Re-Sourceful can help you in achieving a number of greener business objectives and where we can’t we can normally recommend someone who can.

Please give us a call if we can help you in 2010 and use this blog to share your company’s green business objectives for this year.