Friday, 27 November 2009

The Better Way to Spend a Penny

Every week seems to have a theme these days, be it National Curry Week, National Story Telling Week or National Eating Out Week, yet one of the most important has just passed largely unnoticed.

National Ethical Investment Week took place between the 8-14th November and aimed to educate people about the green and ethical options available to them and illustrate how we can still get a good return on our investments whilst having a positive impact on our environment and society.

The week is coordinated by UKSIF, the sustainable investment and finance association, who promote responsible investment and seek to ensure that individuals can reflect their values and beliefs in their investments.

With confidence and faith in our financial institutions at an all time low, considering how your money is put to use is all the more important. Rather than letting your savings and investments sit idly in funds that are supporting who knows what, why not look into the vast array of ethical investments available that will still give you a good return and also do some good for others. The question is, ‘why wouldn’t you’?

Re-Sourceful have been fortunate enough to work with two leading financial organisations in ethical investments, Triodos Bank and The Co-operative. We have helped them to promote their message with our ethical products rather than using plastic promotional tat – why wouldn’t you?

To find out more about National Ethical Investment Week check out the website at

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Re-Sourceful said...

If I one day have some money to invest then I\'m definately going down this route. Why give it to a faceless bank that invests in funds you don\'t agree with?