Monday, 21 December 2009

It’s a time for giving....

Christmas is the most thoughtful time of the year, and if you’re lucky you’ll be surrounded by your loved ones, enjoying a mince pie and some mulled wine. So why is it that year after year Christmas becomes an increasingly thoughtless affair?

Just like Valentines Day we’ve been swept away into believing it’s necessary to buy the commercial tat and cringeful cards that spill out of shop window displays. The pressure to conform means that any festive holiday is more about the price tag and less about a certain thing called love. We all love uniquely, so why do we give so commercially?

A not-for-profit group called Present Sense was set up last year by a group of women fed up with the commercial pressures that Christmas now brings. The group encourages adults and children to think more carefully about how to give presents in a sustainable way. Present Sense, which now has followers from 46 countries holds workshops to educate people in the art of sustainable creativity, encouraging us to think differently about ‘used’ presents and seeing the thought and love that goes into a present instead of the price tag.

At Re-Sourceful we’re delighted to hear about groups like Present Sense who really embrace the creativity and thoughtfulness of true giving. We believe that this shouldn’t just apply to Christmas gifts but any type of giving, and this includes all year round promotional gifting. Re-Sourceful encourages and assists companies in operating this way, giving them a chance to say much more about themselves as on organisation.

From everyone at Re-Sourceful we wish you a very merry Christmas and look forward to an eco-friendly 2010!!

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